Custom-Built Mallet Percussion Instruments.

Tallahassee, Florida USA

Our standard 5.0 Octave Practice Marimba, rosewood bars, no resonators. This instrument was delivered to our customer in Brooklyn, New York. After the instrument arrived to our customer we received the following message: Hello Matt, I got the practice marimba, and learned to put it together finally. I’m very impressed of the rosewood bars, they […]
Our standard 5.0 Octave Practice Marimba (no resonators) out for delivery to a customer in Corinth, Maine. After the instrument arrived our customer had this to say: “Happy Easter! I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, I’ve been very busy! I have the marimba and it is AMAZING! Thank You again for everything!!”
Our customer was looking for the most affordable rosewood 4.3 octave practice marimba possible, so we custom built this instrument and did not include height adjustment so we were able to lower the standard 4.3 octave practice marimba price. The instrument was built to a standard height of 34 1/2″ from the floor to the […]
Matt, The marimba arrived last Thursday.  I was a bit concerned at first because one of the boxes was pretty beat up, but once I opened it, was amazed at how well you packed the instrument.  I set it up over the weekend.  Your instructions are great, and the stamping made the set up go […]
Our customer wanted a much stronger and height adjustable frame for his Deagan vibraphone and one that could withstand the abuse that the instrument would take in a University setting.
Email from customer: Hi Matt, I got the xylo today, and everything arrived safe and sound.  I am very very pleased with the way the instrument sounds. The bars feel dense and it has a very bright sound quality. The lowest note on the instrument might be a little funky but I’ll have to play […]
Email from customer:   Matt, I wanted to let you know that we received the marimba last week.  I’ve been able to set it up and play on it briefly a few times now.  I am very impressed.  I’m really surprised that you were able to get us such a high quality, beautiful, great sounding […]
email from customer: Hello 🙂 I got the instrument today. I love this instrument. But bar is too wide 🙂 These instruments are exciting to people around me. Thank you for your kind. Thank you. Best. Sena Jang
Email from the customer: Good morning Matt, I hope it is as nice in Florida as it is in San Antonio this morning.  We had a cold front come in this morning and the summer heat has been broken.  We also got some rain last night for only the third time in the last four […]