Here is a list of people, organizations, and places we have either delivered instruments to or […]
A nice video of how the 5.0 Octave Practice Marimba fits together and is assembled, followed […]
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We currently (as of April 22, 2013) have two 5.0 octave practice marimbas in stock ready […]
This is our 3.5 Octave Aluminum/Wood Hybrid Height Adjustable Concert Xylophone with Brass Tune-able Resonators and […]
This is our 5.0 Octave Aluminum/Wood Hybrid Height Adjustable Concert Marimba with Aluminum Tune-able resonators. The […]
We have made the switch to a new web host provider after some very poor performance […]
This is the All Wood Hydraulic Height Adjustable 5.0 Octave Concert Marimba with Oak frame stained […]
Come see us at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Austin Texas on November 1st […]
A 5.0 Octave Practice Marimba we delivered to a customer in Burnsville, Minnesota. Here is what […]