Author: Matt Coe

Introducing a new option to upgrade your current 5 octave Coe Practice Marimba. Composite resonators! These composite tubes are super light-weight and will install directly onto your current practice marimba (as long as it was made after 2010) without any modifications. There is nothing to install on your current frame, the resonator tubes come with […]
This instrument will fit through 32″ doorways when split no problems!  No disassembly required.  Two small clamps are released to split the instrument into two halves.              
We were on CBS News this morning! (Sunday December 16, 2018) Click this link below to see the video: CBS NEWS Sunday Morning on Marimbas Click on this link for the story on CBS’S website: CBS WEBSITE MARIMBA STORY
All of our practice marimbas are Honduras Rosewood and can be upgraded to ‘Concert Ready’ with the purchase of the resonator upgrade.
To our current (and future!) international customers we officially have all of our required rosewood permits and procedures in place for shipping to you. This is and was a long process and we thank you for being patient. For future customers the additional cost to the purchase price of any instrument will be around $300 […]
This 4.0 Octave all-wooden hydraulic height adjustable maple frame with rosewood bars and tunable brushed brass resonators was recently delivered to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.
This 5.0 Octave concert marimba was delivered to our customer in Columbus, Ohio. This custom instrument has brushed brass resonators (clear powdercoated) and the height adjustment handles are located on the player side of the endframes.
This 4.5 Octave (extended range to Low F) was delivered to Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida.
A recently completed 5 octave rosewood practice marimba which was delivered to our customer in Michigan.
Recently completed for The University of Wisconsin-Superior, a Deagan model 600 4 octave marimba which we fabricated a custom version of one of our aluminum/wood hybrid height adjustable frames for and we also overhauled the bars and original resonators.