Practice marimbas perfect for High School, College, and beyond!

All of our practice marimbas are Honduras Rosewood and can be upgraded to ‘Concert Ready’ with the purchase of the resonator upgrade.

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2 Responses to “Practice marimbas perfect for High School, College, and beyond!”

  1. Dan Lavoy Says:


    I am looking to purchase a 5 oct marimba. I live in Qu├ębec, Canada. How does shipping work, and what are your prices?


  2. Matt Coe Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Click on the ‘prices’ link at the top of our website for all of our prices. Any international shipments require a CITES permit for rosewood which adds $300 to the purchase price. Shipping would be by truck to CANADA and fully insured. If you will email us your shipping address we can get a quote for shipping cost. Thanks for your interest!

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