Bar and Resonator Retuning

Coe Percussion can re-tune any manufacturer’s bars and resonators. With the large number of different types and makes of mallet instruments, this service will be offered on an individual case by case basis. Please contact us to inquire for prices and more information. (850)228-6960

Glockenspiel Overhauls and our ‘Resocase’ custom case fabrication

We have designed a new custom case for any glockenspiel make or model.  The following pictures show three Deagan model 1560 glockenspiels which we completely overhauled, polished the nickel plated bars, re-tuned, and for which we built custom 2 3/4 inch deep resonant cases.

Custom Resonators with Adjustable Caps

If you are missing resonators or have a desire to upgrade your instrument with resonators that have individually tunable caps, we can build them for  your marimba or xylophone.
Here are a few pictures of the custom resonators we made for this Deagan Artist’s Special #262 3.5 octave xylophone (click picture for larger views):
Resonator fabrication for a Yamaha YV-3400 vibraphone:
Then powder-coated black:

Complete instrument overhauls

The following picture is a Deagan Artist’s Special #264 Four Octave Xylophone, which we completely overhauled.   Now that it is back to mint condition, It’s hard to believe this instrument was built around 1930 and is more than 70 years old!
Here is what it looked like before we started the work:

Deagan 844 “Drummers Special” xylophone

(frame restored and updated with wheels and extra bracing, and bars completely restored)
Before Restoration:
After Restoration:

Leedy 642 marimba

(bars only restored, frame cleaned and bar post felt replaced)
Before Restoration:
After Restoration:

Springfield Symphony, Springfield Massachusetts
Leedy Xylophone frame fabrication:

Please inquire about pricing and availability on services such as this. If you have other needs please ask. We can custom build just about anything.