Practice Marimbas

The Practice Series Marimba uses Honduras Rosewood tone bars. We offer both a 5.0 octave and a 4.3 octave version. The bars are identical in size and shape to our Concert Series and are full sized. The only difference in the bars from the Concert Series is the Practice bars will have visible wavy grain, small surface imperfections in some cases, and color discrepancies that would not be found on Concert Series bars.  All of these differences are cosmetic and do not affect the sound of the bars.

The lowest bar is 3 1/4″ in width and it graduates in size up to 1 5/8″ in the top octave. It has a height adjustable frame which has dark stain clear coated Maple for the wooden portions of the frame, and a stainless steel tube metal frame base. The entire instrument breaks down and the bar rails fold in the center. The tube frame comes completely apart and everything is very easy to transport.

For the 5.0 octave version the entire instrument will fit into four duffel bags which are available for an additional cost. (One bag for tone bars, one bag for end-frames and frame tube hardware, one bag for bar rails #1 and #2, and one bag for bar rails #3 and #4.)

You can add resonators to this instrument at any time to upgrade it to a concert ready marimba.

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