Our Metal Frames

The Ultimate in Style, Strength, and Durability.

5.0 Octave Coe Percussion concert marimba

Deagan model 870 3.5 octave xylophone, ca. 1920

Whether it be a re-build of a classic instrument as seen above, or one of our custom-built instruments below…

COE 4.3 octave Padouk marimba

COE 4.3 octave rosewood marimba


Perfect for Universities, Schools, or Individuals wanting a light-weight, absolutely rugged, silent frame. All metal frames are made from ultra-strong and light-weight aircraft aluminum. All connecting points and joints have nylon bushings; there is no metal-to-metal contact. Height adjustable and fixed-height frames available. Ask about other options concerning pneumatic tires and field utility frames.

Please contact us for more details on our metal frame instruments.

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Our Exclusive Hydraulic Height Adjustable Frame System

Our height system is unlike anything else currently available. It involves the use of a hydraulic system which enables one person to easily adjust the height of the keyboard throughout a range of seven inches. Simply turn one single crank located on the bass end of the instrument for a nearly effortless height adjustment. The hand crank folds away under the bar rail when not in use. As you will notice in the pictures below, the system is totally integrated into the frame and hidden from view. This enables us to use our current all-wooden frame design without many modifications. Most other height adjustable instruments have only metal frames which lose the beauty of all wooden construction.

Awesome one crank height adjustment system

Height system all the way down

Height system all the way up

Another view with the instrument at the highest height setting

Close-up on hydraulic cylinders for height system (picture on right shows built-in height measurement guide)

*twin crank system also available which offers greater flexibility for those who travel with the instrument often.