International Customer Shipping Information Regarding Rosewood

To our current (and future!) international customers we officially have all of our required rosewood permits and procedures in place for shipping to you. This is and was a long process and we thank you for being patient. For future customers the additional cost to the purchase price of any instrument will be around $300 as each shipment must still get an individual shipment permit and also be inspected by CITES officials at our shop prior to shipment. This will also add a few weeks of time to the shipping time so we can schedule inspections. Feel free to email if you have specific questions and it is also a good idea to speak with your local customs office to find out what your particular country requires as far as permitting and import costs. Shipments within the United States are not affected by CITES rules at this time and no additional permits are required for US shipments. This only pertains to instruments being shipped outside of the USA.

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  1. Grace says:

    I live in Alberta Canada. I’m wondering if you have sold one to Canada and know how much extra cost I should expect if I buy from you guys. Thanks
    I’m thinking practice marimba 4 1/3 with composite resonators.

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