5.0 Octave Concert Marimba Delivered to Customer In Massachusetts

This is our 5.0 Octave Aluminum/Wood Hybrid Height Adjustable Concert Marimba with Aluminum Tune-able resonators. The resonators are powdercoated in a special color called “Rad Misty Midnight”. Depending on the angle of view they appear either cobalt metallic blue, or black.

Here is what our customer says:

Hi Matt –

Just wanted to let you know the marimba arrived safely and has been assembled without any problem. The picture attached will attest to that. It’s been a long day here, so rather than ramble incoherently, I will write in a day or two. However, on first inspection and playing everything seems excellent. Everything that I hoped for. Feels solid, sounds great, looks wonderful. Thanks so much for all your work. You’ll hear from me soon.


And later:
The sound of the instrument is already amazingly long and deep. It is still adjusting to New England weather (35% humidity), so we’ll give it some time on that. I am particularly taken by how any given mallet sounds similar across the range of the instrument. With every other marimba, it seems a mallet was either a high end or a low end mallet. Also, the mallets I have that sounded “soft” to “extremely soft” now sound quite natural, and not completely diffuse and puffy. They bring out the sound quite easily, without impact or effort.

The cases are nice and rigid. When possible I try to nest them for storage, but that isn’t always possible. They will be very helpful.

Again, thanks for making a first class product. I can’t wait to begin using it in earnest. Will be in touch soon with follow-ups etc.














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