Custom-Built Mallet Percussion Instruments.

Tallahassee, Florida USA

Email from the customer: Matt!! The marimba arrived today and it’s gorgeous! You did a magnificent job! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with your work. I’d write more…but it’s time to practice. Latest news for your website: “5-octave practice marimba delivered to customer in Scottsdale. He is extremely pleased with the instrument.” […]
5.0 Octave Practice Marimba delivered personally by Matt Coe to Nick Bolchoz in South Carolina.
Complete overhaul of Deagan 1123 RoundTop Orchestra Bells. The bells were re-nickel plated, and re-tuned. The old case was scrapped and we custom built one of our ‘Resocase’ deep shell glockenspiel cases. The case features solid oak construction, and the bar rails are steam bent to match the nodal points of the bells.
5.0 Octave Practice Marimba, Upgraded with Aluminum tuneable resonators, sent to a customer in Kentucky.
5.0 Octave Practice Marimba delivered to customer in Pennsylvania.
Just completed, a custom 4.5 octave (Low F below the Low C normally found on a 4.0 octave) Xylophone, on our retro style height adjustable stainless steel tube and Oak frame
Pictures of the 4.6 Octave (Low E) Concert Marimba and 4.0 Octave Concert Xylophone that were delivered to Florida Gulf Coast University on February 12, 2011 personally by Matt Coe. The Xylophone has a Maple/Walnut hydraulic height adjustable frame, and the Marimba is on our Aluminum/Wood hybrid height adjustable frame. Both instruments are Honduras Rosewood […]
We were given the bars and resonators of two Deagan Artists’ Special #262 xylophones, and no other parts. The instruments were built roughly around 1908-1910. We custom fabricated two new frames for these instruments from scratch. The new frames are in the same design as what the original frames were, but our added innovation is […]