4.3 Octave Concert Marimba with Aluminum/Wood Hybrid Height Adjustable Frame delivered to Houston Community College, Houston, Texas

Email from customer:


I wanted to let you know that we received the marimba last week.  I’ve been able to set it up and play on it briefly a few times now.  I am very impressed.  I’m really surprised that you were able to get us such a high quality, beautiful, great sounding instrument at this price!  I especially like that low-end sounds much bigger than many low-A instruments I’ve played.  Further, I was really not expecting the frame to look this nice, and I love how quiet and durable it seems.  I’m certain this instrument will last at HCC for many, many years.

Thank you for working with us and our limited means, and thank you for making us such a beautiful instrument!

Luke Hubley

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