5.0 Octave Concert Marimba on Aluminum/Wood Hybrid Height Adjustable Frame Delivered to Univ. Of Wisconsin-Superior

We just delivered a brand new 5.0 Octave Concert Marimba on our Aluminum/Wood Hybrid Height Adjustable Frame to The University of Wisconsin-Superior, in Superior, Wisconsin. The instrument has Honduras Rosewood tone bars, and brass resonators polished to a mirror finish and clear powdercoated, and tuneable on every single note. Here is an email we received from the Director of Percussion when the instrument was received:

>>Hey Matt,

It’s put together. WOW!!! It is a work of art. It sounds beautiful as well. Thanks so much! It sounds amazing. The frame is great, too. Thank so much for making such a great instrument for us!

Dr. Brett Jones
Assistant Professor of Percussion
University of Wisconsin-Superior

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