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Introducing a new option to upgrade your current 5 octave Coe Practice Marimba. Composite resonators! These composite tubes are super light-weight and will install directly onto your current practice marimba (as long as it was made after 2010) without any modifications. There is nothing to install on your current frame, the resonator tubes come with […]
We were on CBS News this morning! (Sunday December 16, 2018) Click this link below to see the video: CBS NEWS Sunday Morning on Marimbas Click on this link for the story on CBS’S website: CBS WEBSITE MARIMBA STORY
We currently (as of April 22, 2013) have two 5.0 octave practice marimbas in stock ready for immediate shipment. Normally it is a 2-3 month wait time on this model instrument, so get them while you can!!! Email us or Call 1-866-365-7791 for details! ***UPDATE JUNE 5th 2013, Both practice marimbas have been sold! ***
A 5.0 Octave Practice Marimba delivered to a customer in Nashville, TN. From the customer: >>Yes I got it! And its awesome! I’m making sure that I keep it covered and climate controlled!
Our customer was looking for the most affordable rosewood 4.3 octave practice marimba possible, so we custom built this instrument and did not include height adjustment so we were able to lower the standard 4.3 octave practice marimba price. The instrument was built to a standard height of 34 1/2″ from the floor to the […]
Second model 5.0 octave height adjustable practice marimba now available. Extremely portable and on the lightest stainless steel tube frame we have ever made, this is a great instrument for students, university practice rooms, and teaching studios. You can purchase aluminum resonators at any time to upgrade to a concert ready instrument. Bars are Honduras […]