Coe Percussion Group Performance!

Not only do we build the instruments from scratch, but we also play them! The Coe Percussion Group, our company ensemble, played at the Forest Capital Music and Arts Festival on Saturday May 10th in Perry, Florida. Perry is known as the pine tree capital of the south.

The Coe Percussion Group consists of Austin Gomez, Jason Schmauch, and Matt Coe. We play on a 5.0 octave Coe Concert Marimba, a 4.0 octave Coe Concert xylophone, and a Deagan Electravibe which was expertly refurbished by Coe Percussion, along with various other percussion instruments and a drum machine accompaniment. All of our musical arrangements are done by Austin Gomez. Here are a few pictures from our performance at the Forest Capital Music Fest. (Click thumbnails below for larger views)

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