Category: Custom Work

We were on CBS News this morning! (Sunday December 16, 2018) Click this link below to see the video: CBS NEWS Sunday Morning on Marimbas Click on this link for the story on CBS’S website: CBS WEBSITE MARIMBA STORY
We were given the bars and resonators of two Deagan Artists’ Special #262 xylophones, and no other parts. The instruments were built roughly around 1908-1910. We custom fabricated two new frames for these instruments from scratch. The new frames are in the same design as what the original frames were, but our added innovation is […]
3.5 Octave Aluminum/Wood Hybrid Frame Xylophone with Brass Resonators delivered to The New York Ballet Orchestra. “Hi Matt, I just this week unpacked and set up the new xylo ( we are back in session now ) The instrument is great ! All the guys love it and enjoy playing on it. Thank you so […]
Fourteen custom made 5 note steel bell sets made for The Ford Motor Company for use in their automotive trade shows throughout the world. Each color note will correspond to a specific metal alloy used in a new hybrid car they are producing:
Custom “Two Note” marimba made for the production of South Pacific on Broadway for use in their very small pit!
Custom silver powdercoated aluminum resonator 5.0 octave marimba built for David Bergman, West Point, NY.